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Capturing Everything You Offer In One Shot

The right perspective is everything in life. Is avoiding or solving a problem more work in the end? Is paying a high price to keep employees happy better than an equally high price of seeing them leave and having to re-hire (it generally is because of your opportunity cost and time)? Do you need to launch a new product or enhance an existing? Should you concentrate more marketing dollars on growing customer value or attracting more potential users?

As your organization pushes the envelope to develop faster, better, and cheaper products, don’t forget to ask yourself if what you’re adding makes your overall picture prettier (and clearer) or messier (and fuzzier) to the end user. Are you building on your original genius or subtracting through unnecessary addition? I remember when 37 Signals decided to double-down on its core value and shed all of its products but its core project management software, Basecamp. They then renamed their company Basecamp.

I always enjoy the exercise of presenting how a company’s offerings interrelate and connect to each other. It forces you to see relationships that either should exist and be featured more prominently or shouldn’t at all!

Below is a design mock-up I created for a client to capture their total solution set. It could also function as their buyer’s journey. Their initial design had bombed (they were trying to be too creative), and they asked me to think through a better and more logical format.

It’s not pixel-perfect yet, but it’s the beginning of a prettier picture for end users.

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