I Grow Brands Through Creative Demand Generation and Launch Consulting

Brand Relaunch & 400% Increase in Leads

When I arrived at Performance Assessment Network (PAN), we were the ultimate “diamond in the rough.” We had great technology and 60+ assessment content partners in our marketplace, but we weren’t a household HR tech name by any stretch. Within three short years, we became the platform to securely assess new hires and leadership potential, and we grew leads by 400% aided by our SHRM referral partnership and our data-driven hiring messaging. I supported inside and outside sales reps and an ambitious product team that released new features every six weeks. It was a great time in my professional life and we were acquired by a large professional certification company.

PAN homepage

30 Campus Adoptions in 12 Months

At PAN, I led a team in building a web application called “Am I Job Ready?” Built for college students and job seekers, it’s changing how individuals are matched to compatible careers and develop workplace soft skills through 16 interactive learning modules and associated mastery quizzes. Over 30 campuses and workforce development agencies signed up in the first year.

Am I Job Ready platform

Site Redesign Matching Investor Deck in 3 Weeks!

WorkHere is a job discovery and engagement platform used by leading brands to find great hyperlocal talent. I worked with the founders to get their message ready for investors.

50% New User Growth

The world of continuing education is constantly changing. New courses, new requirements, and state deadlines create a dynamic industry. I helped Gannett Healthcare grow its B2C e-commerce revenue through content marketing and seasonal email, social, and direct mail campaigns focused on the nursing, physical therapy, and nutrition professions.

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Brand Launch & 500% Increase in Leads

I was hired as Harcourt’s first talent assessment product marketing manager. In 2009, we named and launched our business as “TalentLens” and Pearson acquired us a few months later. This was a thrilling time for me as I crafted our global go-to-market plan which asked “How do you become a Critical Thinking organization from the frontline to the boardroom?” Thousands of companies (including Dutch) wanted the answer! Over a three-year period, we created hundreds of pieces promoting how to work smarter through better decision-making and we grew the business with content marketing.

Pearson TalentLens screenshot

Netherlands screenshot

75 to 225 College Expansion

In the early 2000s, I joined forces with an entrepreneur in San Diego and his business called University Readers. It was an incredible opportunity for me to develop my marketing skills and help build a national print-on-demand academic publishing brand. With the help of hyper-personalized email campaigns, we grew to 400+ professors and 50,000+ student users and I helped us expand into the MBA market. We also launched a new imprint for authors later named Cognella that would become our master brand after I left.

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