Meet Revy

Your Pulse on Revenue!

The market sends your frontline teams buying signals every day. Revy is a mobile survey that turns this feedback into actionable data and enables rapid coaching moments so you win more often and keep everyone aligned on growth.

Why Revy?

Your Sales, Marketing, and Service teams win deals, see trends, and talk to raving or unhappy customers daily. But only 7% of companies use this data to their advantage! CEOs and Sales VPs need these insights quickly distilled into actionable data to adjust business, marketing, and product strategies in real time. Enter Revy, a revenue performance survey that makes market alignment an ongoing metric and coaches reps to success.

How It Works

In just 2 minutes per month or as a win or loss occurs, reps respond to a short, 8-question survey on their phone with a series of quick 1 (low) – 5 (high) responses. They can submit free-form comments and win prizes for participating. As managers see answers go up and down each month, they can quickly intervene with coaching.


After a user rates a trade show (as an example), their manager can respond with an encouraging note such as “Three good leads is great. Go get ’em!”


When a manager sees an objection or trend, they can coach the rep how to overcome it such as “Keep up the good work. Try focusing on Total Cost of Ownership!”


Our system tracks the most active users and provides fun ways to reward people for their feedback! Prizes can be an extra PTO day or a $15 gift card.

Learn More

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