Websites for Workplace Innovators

I’ve been hand-crafting digital experiences for education and human capital brands since 2001. I’m typically the executive sponsor, project owner, and design and copy director all in one. Below are a few of the brands I’ve launched or refreshed. 


For over 30 years, the 16pf had been a well-known personality test with a loyal following. But in the mid-2010s, its brand image and sales were stagnant. I led the team that rebranded every aspect of it, including fresh new report designs and a new visual identity. We also built a global e-commerce site for US, UK, French, Dutch, and German audiences. Within months, we were averaging dozens of monthly inbound leads and new purchases.


Performance Assessment Network (PAN) was the #1 pre-employment testing company with the best content library for over a decade. Over my time as VP of Marketing and Education Sales, we became the platform to securely assess new hires and leadership potential. Our exclusive SHRM referral partnership added wind to our sails. We were eventually acquired by PSI, a large professional certification company.

Original PAN

In 2014, I led an A-Z rebranding of PAN, a market leader but not well positioned as a technology innovator. We tried to convey simplicity, midwest values, and limitless possibilities when creating the perfect candidate process on our platform. I think this version of PAN was the most memorable and playful.

Nursing CE Courses

The world of continuing education is constantly changing. New courses, new requirements, and state deadlines create a dynamic industry. is the premier resource for nurses to earn their continuing education credits. I led a team responsible for growing B2C e-commerce revenue through content marketing and seasonal email, social, and direct mail campaigns.


My first taste of large-scale corporate marketing was at Pearson. In 2009, I led the naming and launch of “TalentLens”, our group’s talent brand that was adopted globally (including the updated Netherlands site featured to the left). This was a thrilling time for me as I crafted our first go-to-market message:  “How do you become a Critical Thinking organization from the frontline to the boardroom?” Thousands of companies wanted the answer! Over an intense three-year period, we created hundreds of pieces on how to assess employees’ critical thinking skills and work styles.


In the early 2000s, I joined forces with an entrepreneur in San Diego to grow his publishing business, University Readers. It was an incredible opportunity for me to develop my marketing skills and help build a national print-on-demand academic publishing brand. Through hyper-personalized email campaigns using syllabi data, we grew to 300+ professors and 50,000+ student orders. Today, their master brand and company name is Cognella, and their site has grown beyond the course pack business I helped launch nationally.

Am I Job Ready?

Today’s high school and college students are digital natives but they still need good soft skills and communication to land their first jobs. I led a team in building a web application called “Am I Job Ready?” for students and job seekers. It offered fun training modules in areas such as innovation, reliability, analytical thinking, and coping with pressure. Over 30 campuses and workforce development agencies signed up in the first year.


Did you know a long commute impacts turnover more than compensation factors? WorkHere is a mobile job discovery and candidate engagement platform used by leading brands to target hyperlocal talent through geofenced and social recruitment advertising. I worked with the founders to get their message ready for investors.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming the answer to overcoming human barriers, cost increases, diseases, and learning inequity. I was asked to write website copy for this new AI research and development company that is revolutionizing early childhood learning and K-6 content in core subjects like Science and Math. Its unique hardware/software products are one-of-a-kind.